Dual Plane Camera for 3880X


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Exclusive video scope accessory for the OTC 3880X, offering greatly increased line of sight in two planes. Previously difficult to see places are now accessible without the use of mirrors. The new adapter features a three-foot flexible waterproof camera tube with 9mm 2-D camera. When attached to the OTC3880X inspection scope, the dual plane adapter’s camera is displayed on a 2.4 inch LCD screen and includes a high-intensity white LED light for dim locations. It allows inspection of all angles within a cylinder as well as viewing fluid lines for leaks and to examine corrosion and wear on a vehicle. The adapter provides up to a 270-degree view with an inline and side camera. Views can be changed with a push-button switch, giving technicians greater access to under hood and under car vehicle problems. The camera also benefits from eight levels contrast for clear viewing of vehicle parts and six levels of LED brightness when paired with the inspection scope. Includes: 3' 9mm Dual plane camera tube



  • 9mm, 2-directional waterproof camera with push-button selector switch
  • Standard 3’ long flexible camera tube
  • Saves time by allowing instantly switchable viewing plane without moving camera position
  • Helps in diagnosing the most difficult leaks, shorts, or lost things in many impossible to see areas



Weight approx. 1 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 38 × 1 × 0.75 inch