Showroom Support Unit – 50 AMP



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Derived from the popular BSU2-50B this low profile (3.5”) battery conditioner has been designed specifically for car showrooms. Most conventional battery conditioners simply trickle charge the battery after it has been drained. The SSU2-50B provides instant support to the battery negating the need for recharging. With the SSU2-50B connected to your vehicle you can be sure that they are always ready for demonstration and that the battery will be kept in prime condition. This unit has been designed to slip under most vehicles without risk of damage to floor and features automatic current sensing so that it knows when it is needed. 6-SSU2-50-B-US comes complete with: • Showroom Support Unit • 15m Extension Cable (SSU-EXT) • Clamp Terminal Ends (BSU-CLIP) • Blade Terminal Ends (JLR-BLADE)



  • Designed specifically for car showrooms and provides a constant voltage to prevent loss of charge and damage to the battery.
  • Provides a stable voltage and up to 50 amps of fully regulated power to prevent loss of charge and damage to the battery.
  • Can be used with any 12V automotive battery, including AGM and GEL.
  • When the battery is charged the SSU is a regulated power supply to sustain accessory loads and offset parasitic drain.
  • Battery state detection, ensuring safe prolonged use.
  • Output current display.
  • Reverse polarity protection and disconnect detection.
  • Supplied with 16ft power lead and 16ft output leads.
  • Includes a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty supported by Bosch.



Power consumption 13.4V up to 50A continuous kW
Power supply 100–240VAC 50/60Hz V/Hz/A
Weight approx. 5.5 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 11” x 7.5” x 3.5” inch



6-BSU-CLIP Showroom Support Unit Clamps - Overall Length – approx. 11.8 in. $147.00 Add to cart
6-JLR-BLADE Showroom Support Blade - Overall length – approx. 11.8 in $147.00 Add to cart
6-SSU-EXT Showroom Support Unit Extension Cables - Overall length – approx. 11.8 in. $262.00 Add to cart